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Captain Panaka:

[ Panaka ] Queen Amidala's loyal protector during the Trade Federation invasion crisis was Captain Panaka. Panaka was often referred to as "the quickest eyes on Naboo" for his attention to detail and selfless dedication to the safety of the Queen.

A powerfully built man, Panaka was a forceful leader, commanding a team of Royal Palace Guards and Security Troopers stationed throughout Theed. During the Trade Federation invasion, Panaka stayed close to the Queen, ensuring her protection from the Neimoidians' plans. His loyalty was such that he would openly question the strategy of Jedi Knights if he thought it would somehow endanger Amidala.

Panaka accompanied Queen Amidala during her escape from Naboo to Coruscant. When the Queen returned to Naboo to reclaim her throne, Panaka was by her side, offering cover fire during the infiltration of the Palace.

Ten years after the planet's liberation, the Naboo political structure had changed such that Panaka was no longer responsible for the protection of Amidala.