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[ Valorum ] One of the last Supreme Chancellors to hold that office before the Galactic Republic crumbled to make way for an oppressive Empire, Valorum was a well-meaning but ill-fated politician. When the Trade Federation blockaded the peaceful system of Naboo, Valorum circumvented bureaucratic procedure by dispatching a secret mission of Jedi ambassadors to negotiate an end to the crisis.

The negotiations failed as the Trade Federation attacked the ambassadors before talks could even begin. Queen Amidala of the Naboo voyaged to Coruscant to present her case to the assembled Senate. Valorum was genuinely pleased to see the Queen alive, but he was of no help in the Senate hall, where he had to abide by the proper bureaucratic measures.

The Trade Federation was quick to stall any of Amidala's claims of invasion by demanding a commission be appointed to investigate the accusation. Frustrated by lack of common sense or interest in what was just, Amidala lambasted the assembled politicians for their ineffective rule. She singled out Valorum specifically, on the advice of Palpatine, for his inability to take decisive action. She called for a Vote of No Confidence in Valorum's rule. The vote was soon seconded, and the political backlash cascaded throughout the rotunda. By the end of the session, Valorum was voted out of office, with no greater crime on his head than being bound by procedure and subjected to baseless accusations. Little did the Republic realize what they had in store by voting Palpatine to succeed him.